The Best Spring Wine Festivals in North America You MUST See

The Best Spring Wine Festivals in North America You MUST See

By Rai Cornell

Food and wine festivals 

A festival just isn’t a festival without beer and wine, right? No matter if it’s a music, art, or garden gnome festival. So we argue that there’s no better festival than one that centers around our favorite adult beverage.


If you’re thinking of packing an overnight bag and hitting the road for some fresh air this spring, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better destination than these wine festivals.


Here are our four favorites for Spring 2018.


Pebble Beach Food & Wine

April 5 - 8, 2018: Pebble Beach, California

This small corner of Monterey, California, is home to huge flavors. The Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival is four full days of drinking, dining, and dishing about who did it best.


At the 2018 festival, you’ll find more than 250 wineries jumping at the chance to impress your taste buds with their masterful creations.


You’ll also have a chance to learn from the best at the many cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. But hold on to your glass, because there’s something extra special about this Pebble Beach event:


The Lexus Grand Tastings. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Lexus Grand Tasting Tent will be home to world famous chefs and culinary celebrities who you’ll be able to mingle with while trying to taste all 300 wines up for grabs.


We’re feeling tipsy already.


Austin Food & Wine Festival

April 27 - 29, 2018: Austin, Texas

In the heart of Texas sits the gorgeous city of Austin. Known for being on the cutting edge of all things modern, this progressive southern town will be rockin’ and rollin’ for three days this April.


Grab a weekender day ticket, an “All-In” ticket to include both day and evening events, or - for the true wine lovers - treat yourself to a Feast Under the Stars ticket. By partaking in the indulgent Feast Under the Stars, you’ll enjoy a 5-course meal prepared by all the most impressive men and women in white hats, plus wine pairings and decadent desserts.


A few names you’ll recognize at this year’s Austin Food & Wine Festival include Stephanie Izard, Amanda Freitag, and Jamie Bissonnette.


Food & Wine Best New Chefs Party

May 2018: New York, New York

Sure, names like Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, and Wolfgang Puck are impressive. But we’re always on the lookout for the next rising star. Whether it’s with the grapes we find on our tours of Europe or our adventures at new restaurants around the United States, VINEBOX is always rooting for fresh new talent.


That’s exactly what the Food & Wine Best New Chefs Party is all about.


Each year, the pros (with the best jobs ever) at Food & Wine tour America to find the best new chefs in the food and wine industry. Past discovered gems include Peter Cho, Jordan Kahn, and Angie Mar.


This year, we’re eager to see who’s going to be tickling our palates with the most innovative creations in food and wine.


Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

June 15 - 17, 2018: Aspen, Colorado

We’re stretching our definition of “spring” out a little longer for the sake of this must-see festival. Nestled in the stunning mountain town of Aspen, the Food & Wine Classic is a three-day festival celebrating all things wine.


This year, the Classic will be hosting major names in the food industry including Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson, and Alex Guarnaschelli.


What sets this festival apart is the deep dedication to education. The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen will host panel discussions, wine tastings, and cooking demonstrations led by world famous wine experts and chefs who know how to marry great wine with great food.


Exciting spring break destinations aren’t just for college students anymore. Where will your wine-derlust take you this spring?

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