Wine Speed Dating: Get to Know Riesling in 3 Minutes or Less

Wine Speed Dating: Get to Know Riesling in 3 Minutes or Less

By Rai Cornell


Ladies and gents, step right up! We’ve got another exciting round of Wine Speed Dating headed your way!


In 3 minutes or less, we’ll introduce you to the next desirable suitor for all you wine aficionados.


Now take a seat and get ready to meet a stunning blonde with a personality none would dare call boring: Riesling.


So where are you from?


Germany, originally.


Riesling grapes have a long history. They originated in the Rhine region of Germany and were first transformed into wine in 1435 for German nobility.


Due to Riesling wine’s prestigious beginnings and high reputation with early renaissance influencers, it was exported all over Europe. Eventually, Riesling grew up and went to study abroad in the United States, making quite an impression on us Yanks.


Do you have any siblings?


Quite a few. Riesling is one of those odd grapes that changes personality dramatically from place to place. For example, the Australian, German, and Californian Riesling children are often sweet and bright; however, you can find their more mature doppelgӓngers by looking for “dry” or “trocken” on the label.


The Riesling offspring from Alsace (France), Austria, upstate New York, Michigan, and Washington State are drier than the Californian and German siblings, but they won’t tell you so. These dry riesling varieties won’t say “dry” on their labels - you’re just expected to see right through their glassy facades - like this fantastic Riesling from the Ginglinger vineyard in Alsace


While the Riesling children are widespread, don’t confuse them with posers like Emerald Riesling, Laskirizling, Olaszrizling, Welschriesling, or Riesling Italico - these varieties may share a similar name, but they’re not family.


I like what you’re wearing tonight. Tell me about your style.


Fresh, bright, refreshing - Riesling is full of life. That’s probably because Riesling gets much of its inspiration from nature.


This vivacious grape is ripe with notes of pears, peaches, apples, and apricots. Perfect on a hot summer day or when you’re just missing nature’s decadent treats in the winter time, Riesling reminds us of all the best things that grow on trees.


While we wouldn’t call Riesling’s style “vintage,” she’s certainly timeless. Unlike the competition in the white wine category, Riesling ages surprisingly well. In fact, a high-quality Riesling can hang out in a well-stored bottle for over a hundred years and still come out tasting like a young treasure once you pop the cork.


How Do You Think We’d Fit Together?


If you like spicy food, Riesling is your mate. While most white wines can be overpowered by the bold flavors in Mexican and Asian cuisine, Riesling stands up well and even shines alongside a spicy dish.


Does Riesling tickle your curiosity? It’s certainly a fav with us. Snap a selfie with a glass of your favorite bright blonde and tag us on Instagram @getvinebox.


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