Wine Speed Dating: Get to Know Pinot Noir in 3 Minutes or Less

Wine Speed Dating: Get to Know Pinot Noir in 3 Minutes or Less

By Rai Cornell

Pinot Noir Wine 

Get ready for another exciting night of Wine Speed Dating!


That’s right! In 3 minutes or less, we’ll introduce you to a fabulous suitor for your wine-loving palate.


Up for grabs tonight: the lovely and always seductive Pinot Noir.


So Where Are You From?


This dark, brooding beauty comes from France, originally. A sensitive grape with precise needs, Pinot Noir comes from regions with long, lazy spring seasons and frisky falls.


While the vast majority of Pinot Noir grapes are grown in France, other regions have attempted to steal away Pinot’s heart. This well-travelled grape has also spent time in California, Germany, Argentina, and Italy.


How Old Are You?


Older than your father. If you like mature varieties, Pinot Noir may be the one for you.


Pinot Noir grapes are some of the oldest grapes still grown today. The first vines date back to before the Roman era, making Pinot Noir about 1,000 years older than its rival, Cabernet Sauvignon.


Tell Me About Your Personality.


Watch out, ladies. Pinot Noir is known as the “Heartbreak Grape” for its fickle nature.


Pinot Noir is a notoriously temperamental grape, mainly due to its structure. The skin of these gorgeous beauties are quite thin and delicate and play hard-to-get with vineyard harvesters who don’t want to damage their prized possessions.


The buds of the Pinot Noir vine are also notorious for ripening only in very specific weather conditions. But if you’re able to grasp a perfect harvest in your arms, you’ll never want to let go.


What Has Been Your Biggest Accomplishment?


Pinot Noir is quite distinguished. In fact, it’s one of very few grapes allowed in a Burgundy, a French variety of wine made exclusively in the Burgundy region. If truth be told, some say a Burgundy isn’t a true Burgundy unless it’s made exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes.


This beau is so coveted that there’s an annual International Pinot Noir Celebration hosted in Oregon each year. The jubilee has been going strong for the last thirty years and attracts more than 14,000 guests and 300 wine producers to bow at the feet of this luscious grape.


How Do You Think We’d Fit Together?


If you’re looking for a long-term relationship that’s never boring, Pinot Noir is for you. This complex, multi-layered beauty is deep and full of surprises.


Does Pinot Noir suit your every desire? Us too! Snap a pic with your favorite dark devil and tag us on Instagram @getVINEBOX.



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