Wine in Art: VINEBOX's Google Arts & Culture App Selfie

Wine in Art: VINEBOX's Google Arts & Culture App Selfie

By Rai Cornell


If you’re going to play around on your phone, you might as well get a little culture while you’re at it.


The Google Arts & Culture app is all the rage right now - and for good reason. Not only does the Arts & Culture app transport you to the finest museums in the world, but it also gives you the opportunity to find your artistic doppelgänger.


For a short while, Google unleashed some pretty impressive facial recognition software that allowed users to snap a selfie and be instantly matched with works of art that looked remarkably like themselves!


We had our fun and found some fabulous VINEBOX representations from every era of fine art. Cheers!


Wine & Blue Tablecloth


Wine & Blue Tablecloth

By Leonardas Gutauskas, 2010


Housed at the Modern Art Center in Lithuania, this modern work is classic Gutauskas. The artist is known for depicting scenes at this small table.


As the app says, “What is the painter seeking to find when he portrays a table set for two occupants? Or perhaps we should say three, because we can also see in each painting a wine bottle set between the two figures, almost like an intermediary.”


Thanks for noticing, Google. We like to think of wine as the perfect intermediary, too.


Ancient Wine Vessel

Ancient Wine Vessel

Unknown Origin, late 11th - early 10th century BCE



This bronze wine vessel is from the Western Zhou period in North China - and that’s about all we know. We’ll just let this gorgeous masterpiece sit shrouded in mystery as we admire the craftsmanship it took to create such an ornate vessel with no modern tools or devices.Unknown Origin, late 11th - early 10th century BCE


We’ve sure come a long way from bronze vessels to perfectly portioned glass vials, haven’t we?


Fruit & A Glass of Wine


Fruit & A Glass of Wine

Willem van Aelst, 1627


We love a good origin story. The juxtaposition of the perfectly ripe grapes beside a chalice of wine gives a subtle nod to the life cycle of the grapes we love to drink. The plump peaches have our mouths watering at the notes we can anticipate from this perfect vintage.







Florence Wine Cart


Florence Wine Cart

Alinari, Fratelli, 1900


The Arts & Culture app has it all - sculpture, paintings, and photography, oh my!


If this snapshot from 1900 isn’t a testament to how much we as a society love wine, we’re not sure what is.


This photograph comes from the collection of Alinari Archives in Florence and depicts a cart loaded with thirty quintals of wine in flasks. A single quintal weighs 220 pounds. Now that’s a lot of wine.



Dishes with Oysters, Fruit, and Wine


Dishes with Fruit, Oysters and Wine

Osias Beert, 1620/1625


Even in the 1600s wine lovers were obsessed with finding the perfect pairings. This detailed masterpiece is a testament to the perfect harmony between white wine, fruit, and seafood.


Beert painted this still life around 1620 and the work now hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.



Wine Barrels, House of Santo


Wine Barrels

Maria Leonor Botelho, 2016


This stunning photograph of the wine barrels at the House of Santo in Sabrosa, Portugal, is a reminder of the true artistry that goes into every step of the winemaking process.





Wine Press


Wine Press

José Garcia Ramos, 1889


On display at the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares in Sevilla, Spain, this gorgeous watercolor painting brings to life the arduous process of making wine in the 1800s.


Today, the winemaking process looks rather different, but the same painstaking effort and passion goes into every wine we feature at VINEBOX.


While it looks like Google has decided to roll back the selfie search option for now, we’re hoping it’ll be back. Because the only thing better than admiring art you love is admiring art featuring your own face - and a bottle of wine, of course.


In the meantime, join us in creating some new modern art. Snap a selfie with your favorite glass of wine and tag us on Instagram @getVINEBOX. Bonus points if it’s a VINEBOX vial!


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