The Best Wines to Pair with Father’s Day Brunch & Dinner

The Best Wines to Pair with Father’s Day Brunch & Dinner

By Rai Cornell

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If Dad is a wine lover, you best know your stuff this Father's Day.


Whether you're serving up a decadent brunch or spending the weekend grilling on the back patio, we'll make sure you have the best wines to show Dad you care.


For the Fisherman


Will your Father’s Day brunch feature bagels and lox? Then we’ve got just the right pairing for your dad’s sophisticated palate.


White wines that have been aged in oak – like Chardonnay, Marsanne, and Viognier – go perfectly with oily fish like salmon. If Dad is more of a halibut and cod kind of guy, bring him a bottle of rosé. Rosé’s bright, bubbly personality will liven up even the most mild fish dishes.


Treating Dad to the very best seafood this Father’s Day? American classic white wines like Pinot Gris from Oregon or Riesling from the Washington state region couple beautifully with the briny nature of lobster, crab, and clams.


For the “It’s Always Breakfast” Guy


No matter what time of day it is, some dads are always in the mood for breakfast. Bacon and eggs never go out of style, so we’re down with that.


For white wine lovers, slip a tall glass of Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc next to those super savory bacon and eggs.


For those men who prefer red wine with their sausage and biscuits, choose a hearty, masculine wine like a Malbec from Argentina or France. We love this robust 2016 L'Audacieuse Malbec. The grapes in this wine are cold soaked for four days before pressing to bring out their bright undertones.


For the Cheese Guru


Whether it comes in the form of a cute cracker or a massive brick, dads seem to be the ultimate connoisseurs of cheese. If that sounds like your Pop, we’ve got just the thing for you.


Wine and cheese go hand in hand. But not all wines play nicely with all cheeses. Start by figuring out Dad’s favorite cheese and pick the perfect pairing to match Dad’s preferences this Father’s Day.


If Dad prefers some funky bleu cheese, stick with port wines that can hold their own against such an overpowering partner. If parmesan is more Dad’s thing, you won’t find a better match than prosecco. Other harmonizing pairs include:


  • Brie and Pinot Noir

  • Cheddar and Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Feta and Beaujolais

  • Goat and Sauvignon Blanc

  • Gouda and Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot

  • Gruyere and Chardonnay

  • Jarlsberg and Viogner

  • Manchego and Rioja

  • Monterey Jack and Merlot

  • Mozzarella and Pinot Grigio

  • Parmesan and Chianti or Prosecco


For the Salty Snacker


Is your dad the type who always has to have a salty snack on hand? To give his taste buds a reprieve and make sure he can continue enjoying all the crispy, crunchy goodness of his favorite salty snacks, give Dad a bottle of a light-bodied wine with palate cleansing qualities.


Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine, is brilliant at revitalizing your palate between bites without overwhelming the flavors you’re savoring. White wines like Pinot Gris and Chenin Blanc are also fabulous options without the effervescent bubbles.


For the Carnivore


Are burgers and brats on the menu this weekend? Kudos! You can’t go wrong with a bang-up barbeque for Father’s Day.


To make sure everyone’s taste buds are singing in harmony with Dad’s superb grilling skills, be sure to bring a bottle of red Zinfandel or Grenache to your backyard bash.


While Pinot Noir is a great match for burgers topped with creamy American cheese, select a Pinotage if Dad likes to go crazy with toppings like bacon or jalepeños.


For the Vegetarian


If your gifts for Dad center around health and fitness, he may fall into this category. Dads have a lot of responsibility, so it can be a challenge to stay healthy. Make it easy on Dad and help him enjoy his favorite things in life at the same time with wines that are lower in calories, carbs, or sugar.


As a general rule, wines with a lower alcohol percentage will have fewer calories. If it’s carbs and sugar you’re looking to avoid, opt for extra-dry varieties like Italian Pinot Grigio (we love this 2017 Pinot Grigio delle Venezie) or Cabernet Sauvignon.


If Dad couldn’t care less about calories but just wants a great wine to go with his eggplant parmesan, pick him up a medium-bodied red with low tannin levels, like Merlot or Shiraz.


For the Sweet Toother


Some dads stay kids at heart forever. If your dad loves all things sweet, you’ll likely be spoiling him with a decadent brunch of berries, waffles, pancakes, and all the luscious toppings that go with them.


To cut through all that sweetness and keep Dad’s palate refreshed, bring him a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine. Pair your perfect Father’s Day brunch with a brut, which is drier than other sparkling wines and gives your tongue a fresh kick between syrup-laden bites. If you’re feeling whimsical, add a splash of orange juice for a not-too-sweet mimosa!


However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year, make sure those you love know you care. Snap a pic with your family toasting to Dad this weekend and tag us on Instagram @getVINEBOX.




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