The 12 Best Gifts for Your Wine-Loving Sweetheart

The 12 Best Gifts for Your Wine-Loving Sweetheart

By Rai Cornell

valentine's day wine gifts

Whether you’ve been with your S.O. for decades or this is your first time celebrating the most lovey dovey day of the year, there’s no reason you can’t get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


For all the wine lovers out there, here are the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will guarantee you torrent of grateful hugs and kisses.


Always On My Mind

On Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing more romantic than pouring your sweetheart a glass of wine and toasting to your long and beautiful union.


Keep your lover thinking of you every time it’s time to pop a bottle with this electric corkscrew. This gift says, “Baby, let me get that tough cork for you, you beautiful thang, you.” Not only does it make accessing the good stuff super fast and easy, but it comes with a beautiful blue glow that adds a modern, sophisticated accent to your kitchen.


For the Purist

You love your sweetheart for who she is, and your wine wants the same respect. Make sure your Valentine enjoys the same unadulterated taste of wine every time with the Coravin Model Two Wine System.


The beauty of this gadget is its ability to pour wine without removing the cork, thereby protecting the rest of your lovely bottle of wine from ever touching the air. This means you can enjoy a glass now and have it taste just as glorious as the glass you pour from the same bottle tomorrow.


As soon as wine comes in contact with oxygen, it begins to change flavor. That’s why VINEBOX worked obsessively to create a system of transporting its wines from bottles to vials without being exposed to air.


Pour Now, Save For Later

If your honey is a wine purist but you’re trying to keep your Valentine’s Day gift budget closer to the two-digit realm, this Savino Wine Saving Carafe does the trick like the pro gadgets with a bigger price tag.


Plus, it looks gorgeous on your counter or in the fridge. And who doesn’t love to give a pretty gift on Valentine’s Day?


Take My Temperature

While you and your sweetheart are getting snuggly this Valentine’s Day, remember that your wine needs to be at the right temperature, too. Whether you’re enjoying a bold glass of red, a crisp glass of white, or a spry bottle of champagne, each bottle has its own optimal drinking temperature that ensures you get the best out of every sip.


This minimalist yet sleek wine thermometer by Menu will tell you the precise temperature of your wine so you know just when to pop the cork.



A Decanter for Two

What’s Valentine’s Day without a “his and hers” gift? Make sure the one you love only has eyes for you by gifting this adorable Wine Decanter and Glass Set by Kovot.


Sure, it’s an elegant, thoughtful gift that will make your honey swoon, but also it’s functional. Decanting your wine helps you appreciate the deeper complexities of your vintage. So decant your wine, savor each sip, and spend an evening getting to know your lover and your favorite wine.


Wine Bottle Candles

No matter where you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, there needs to be candlelight. We’re obsessed with the stunning look of these soy wax candles on Etsy. If you want to double down on the wine goodness for your wine-loving sweetie, we also love these Uncorked Candles by Craig Davies on Uncommon Goods.


Whichever set you choose, they’re sure to set the mood.


Wine, Wine & More Wine

All the wine accessories in the world useless without the best part: the wine itself. If you know your honey’s favorite bottle of wine, grab a bottle to share and show you know her oh so well.


If the one you love is a true wine aficionado, she’ll appreciate exploring new wines. Gift her the gift of new wines to try every month with a VINEBOX subscription. Not only will she love experiencing a European tour for the tastebuds, but also she’ll think of you every time that lovely box arrives for months to come.


Spa Pampering

If your better half is the type who loves a day at the spa, pamper her with these decadent wine soaps. Handmade by Heather Swanepoel, these luxury bars soothe skin and make you feel like it’s 5 PM in the AM.


Then, for the finishing touch, give her all the warm and cozy feels with these comfy wine socks. Bonus points if you obey their 80% cotton blend orders.


A Personal Touch

This one’s for the hardcore wine lovers who take their gift-giving just as seriously as their wine sipping. If you’re ready to say, “Baby, let’s take this relationship to the next level,” then pick up one of these spectacular personalized wine barrels.


If you’re the type who likes to go all the way, you can also get a wine-making kit with your custom wine barrel so you and your darling can make your own magic.


Laughter = Love

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays of the year. But we want you to enjoy every day with your sweetheart, no matter Hallmark’s stake in the date.


With this Wine Trivia Game, you and your honey will share countless nights of laughter and love for all your years together. Plus, as an added bonus you’ll learn a bit more about wine, which we’re always in favor of.


As you celebrate the season of romance, show us some love, too! Snap a pic with your sweetie and share with us on Instagram @getVINEBOX.



Note: If you do buy your honey one or more of these gems, VINEBOX may get a little somethin' somethin' for hooking you up.



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