Butter Mom Up This Mother’s Day with These Smooth Wines

Butter Mom Up This Mother’s Day with These Smooth Wines

By Rai Cornell

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Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and the gift options for mom can be overwhelming.


You know mom’s favorite sweet treat, her favorite flower, and her favorite activities. But do you know mom’s favorite wine?


Wine can pair with just about any treat – sweet or not.


No matter what mom’s idea of the perfect Mother’s Day gift might be, adding a special wine hand picked by her offspring will warm her heart.


Milk, White & Dark Chocolate - Oh My!


Is mom a chocolate addict? Of course she is! What woman (or human!) isn’t?


Different types of chocolate pair better with different wines based on the fat content of the sweet you’re munching.The trick to selecting the perfect wine is to choose a wine that’s slightly sweeter than the chocolate.




Milk chocolate is made with cocoa butter, which makes it smooth and rich. Merlot and Pinot Noir have a lighter body, which makes them a perfect match for milk chocolate. We like this 2015 Gravette Lalande de Pomerol, a merlot-based Bordeaux blend




Does mom adore white chocolate? Look for a sweeter wine such as this French 2016 Ginglinger Gewürztraminer. The rich milk solids and sugar content of white chocolate are a mouth-watering match with any white chocolate treats in your Mother’s Day gift basket.




If your mother is the type who enjoys the darkest of the dark chocolate, she has a truly sophisticated palate. Dark chocolate is made with the a high cocoa content to produce a bitter and bold flavor true to the cocoa plant.


Dark chocolate lovers need an intense, flavorful wine with strong flavors that can hold up to the complex chocolate counterpart. Zinfandels and Merlots are full-bodied and, when paired with her favorite dark chocolate, will put mom in indulgence heaven.


Chocolate-Dipped Fruit


If mom enjoys the traditional fruit+chocolate flavor combo like chocolate covered strawberries, consider a sparkling wine or Champagne. The bright crispness of the bubbly will accentuate the natural characteristics of the fruit and make the delectable chocolate flavors pop.


All About That Cake


Around here, it’s tradition for us “kids” to make mom some baked goods during Mother’s Day. If you share in this fun, creative tradition, you may be wondering which wines will pair best with mom’s favorite cake.


Red Velvet


Red velvet cake is a classic favorite, but what does it really taste like? Some say chocolate, some say cherry, and still others say cherry-chocolate.


If mom digs the red velvet cake, pair her delicious Mother’s Day treat with some delicious and complex wine like this 2017 Tenuta I Gelsi Aglianico. The cherry and berry tones of this deep red wine play well with the chocolate undertones of rich red velvet cake.


Sprinkles Galore!


For the mom who takes life a little less seriously, make her some fun and festive Funfetti cupcakes this Mother’s Day. When you deliver the delicious goods, be sure to arrive with a lovely bottle of sparkling rosé. The delicate, creamy strawberry flavors cleanse and refresh the palate so mom can enjoy every delicious bite and sip – and bite and sip and bite and sip!




Chocolate cake brings together the best of both worlds. To wow mom this Mother’s Day, complete the package with a red blend wine made with Cabernet or Grenache grapes. The multiple layers of flavor will keep her palate jumping for joy between bites of luscious chocolate cake.




If your mother is anything but traditional, you may just feel like breaking the mold this Mother’s Day. Cheesecake is always a mom-approved favorite dessert that she’s sure to love. Win mom over with an indulgent white dessert wine like a Sauternes or Château de Cérons.


Not only will the bright acidity of the wine keep the taste of the cheesecake fresh, but also she’ll appreciate the complementary flavors.


Childhood Pairings


Mom probably made you plenty of PB&J sandwiches as a kid, right? Now it’s your turn. Introduce mom to the unforgettable flavor combo of PB and wine!


If mom loves peanut butter or nutella, pair her favorite treat with a ruby port. The nutty and bold fruit flavors of port alongside her favorite peanut butter or nutella goodies will give mom the nostalgic illusion of eating a PB & J with her favorite kiddo.


A Malmsey Madeira is also a winner and goes perfectly with peanut butter. If mom just can’t make it without her jelly, surprise her with a bottle of Rosé d’Anjou. The slight, red jelly tartness of the rosé makes mom feel indulgent without being overly sweet.


Indulging Without a Sweet Tooth


If your momma is one of those odd balls without a sweet tooth, no problem! Mother’s Day flowers are a classic way to mom’s heart.


Flowers are the go-to gift for all moms – and for good reason! Show up this year with a wine that reminds mom of her favorite blooms. We love this sweet wine from Domaine de la Roche Chenin Blanc with its wildflower honey tones and this 2017 Castillo de Benizar Macabeo for its jasmine and honeysuckle aromatics.


When you think of mom, do you think of outdoor cookouts and gardening? This 2016 St. Martin Rosé pairs perfectly with all things outdoors, whether it’s a salad, poached salmon, or nice lemonade.


To bring mom back to your childhood days, treat her to this 2014 Demarie Nebbiolo d’Alba. It’s a deliciously fruity wine that doubles as the adult version of strawberry Welch’s Fruit Snacks.


Speaking of fruit, you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day in the springtime without some fresh apples, pears, and peaches. Add grapes to the mix with some amazing Cabernet and Bordeaux wines that’ll make mom feel peachy. We love this 2017 Pinot Grigio delle Venezie with its vivid fruit flavor - no fruit basket needed.


Which wine is going to make the short list for your Mother’s Day gift this year? If it's too hard to choose, turn to the Shades of Summer for a selection of wines that's sure to please both mom's eyes and palate.  With 6 rosés, 2 reds, and 1 white in one pack, mom is sure to find a new fave! 


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